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R. Wolfe is a paper pusher by day, Fantasy writer by night, and all-around rogue extraordinaire. Writing is her passion, particularly when it comes to her current work in progress series— an enemies to friends to lovers tale about two roguish half-elves with a long list of enemies, and a world in foretold peril that only they can save. It's a shame they really don't care to. Stay tuned for more info! Until then, if you love fantasy, action, and a side of spice, then Wolfe is cooking up something she thinks you're going to like.


R. Wolfe has been writing professionally for over two years, perfecting her craft and chasing her dream. "Professionally" as in writing books. In reality, she's been writing stories and (terrible) poetry since she was a child.


When she's not working on her primary WIP, she's busy penning short stories, flash fiction, and blog posts for the web, as well as writing content for her bestie Dungeons & Dragons group.

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